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D is for...

Di Penates

Di Penates (Greek House Spirit)  –  ©2011 Kort Kramer
In Roman mythology, the Penates ("the inner ones") are the patron gods of the storeroom. Later they gradually changed into patron gods for the entire household.



Dzee-dzee-bon-da (Abenaki-Native America)  –  ©2011 Kort Kramer
An Abenaki monster that is so hideous to behold that it even scares itself.



Daemon (Mailer)  –  ©2011 Kort Kramer
The word "demon" (or daemon) comes from the Greek "daimon", which means "spirit". In ancient times, this term denoted spirits in general, without making a distinction between good or evil. In the western world, under the influence of medieval Christianity, a daemon became synonym for an evil entity or evil spirit. These spirits are set out on destruction or, at least, the tormenting of mankind
(especially when it comes to email problems).


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